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Welcome to the Tech Hub!

No matter the journey, we help you get there.

Our mission is to provide widespread access to creative and learning technologies. We are here to assist you with direct personal device consultation, navigating campus resources, offering digital making and production support, and integrating creative technology into your academic journey. No matter where you begin, we are dedicated to building a path for your success, connecting you with services, experiences, and learning opportunities, your unique pathway guided by the power of technology.

Whether you need help setting up dual-factor authentication, downloading software for your courses, or learning how to utilize a new creative technology, the Tech Hubs are ready to connect you with the necessary resources. Our in-person support services cater to all members of the ASU community, including students, learners, faculty, and staff. With a coordinated approach and unwavering commitment to technological, resource, digital production, and creative success, we are here to support you every step of the way.

In-Person Tech Support

Located at every campus Tech Hub for in-person services, the Tech Devil Consultants offer exceptional personal device support including network access solutions, ASU systems resolutions, troubleshooting for software issues, and resources to ensure seamless functionality. Their goal is to get you connected when you need it most. 

Tech Devils can help you in-person with the following: 

  • Software support
  • Network support
  • Security resets
  • Hardware diagnostics
  • Identity management 
  • Enterprise tool support 
  • Content creation and knowledge management for student engagement 

The Tech Hub is proud to offer a wide array of services to Sun Devils in need. We invite you to click through the following categories to learn more about our most common service requests. 


Digital Maker Studio 

The Digital Maker Studio at the Creativity Commons brings together innovative teaching and learning approaches via emerging technology to offer a place where students investigate, explore and create in a supportive environment. With activities such as Creative Field Trips, faculty can bring classes to the space for a guided learning experience to develop creative technical skills using Adobe Creative Cloud and other related tools.

 These activities might include: 

  • Crafting personal narratives and storyboarding ideas 
  • Composing and editing photography
  • Producing and recording podcasts
  • Editing and sharing videos
  • Authoring and publishing websites
  • Designing interactive mobile app/web prototypes
  • Playing games and building new worlds 
  • Attending creative workshops and events to learn new skills and tools 

The space supports faculty and students with integrated creative activities without requiring prior or deep knowledge of technology. There are individual computing stations, curated programs and events, collaboration areas, retreat and relaxing areas, and community-building spaces such as gaming set-ups and experiences via Fork ‘Em Gaming. 


Zoom Innovation Lab

The Zoom Innovation Lab at the Creativity Commons offers uniquely powerful means of communicating, collaborating, and creating with colleagues. The spaces that make up the Lab offer an inventive multi-camera Zoom theater, podcasting studio, green screen room, interview/gaming/production studios, collaboration technology, and more with technology provided by Zoom, Neat, Wacom, Logitech, and Steelcase. Connect with a global audience, learn how to produce multimedia content, dabble with media creation, and collaborate with other creatives. You can host or attend an event, produce creative content, learn new skills with the technology tools, and more with this innovative space.

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Other Resources

Campus Computing Sites

24/7 Support Experience Center

At the Tech Hubs, we provide an array of engaging programs, events and experiences tailored for both on-campus participants and digital audiences. Join us for public Zoom Innovation Lab sessions, Creative Field Trips, and captivating talks by industry experts.

We have put together some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by topic or service area below. Please remember these FAQs are just a general guideline and there may be additional questions or information specific to your context. We are here to assist you and provide all the necessary information to ensure a seamless and rewarding experience via the Tech Hub. 

Creative Field Trips

Who can participate in Creative Field Trips? 

Creative Field Trips are open to ASU faculty and students. Creative Field Trips are booked by a current faculty member for a specific date and time for their course. 

Can I request a customized Creative Field Trip? 

Absolutely! We understand that every course has unique needs and learning objectives. We are open to collaborating with you to create a customized field trip program that aligns with your specific requirements. We can adapt the content, duration, and focus areas to suit your goals.

How long do Creative Field Trips usually last? 

The duration of the Creative Field Trips may vary depending on the selected program. On average, most trips are around 45 minutes to an hour. Creative Field Trips all take place at the Tempe campus within the Digital Maker Studio at the Creativity Commons.  

What if my class is online? Can I still request a Creative Field Trip? 

At this time, in-person Creative Field Trips only happen at the Tempe campus at the Digital Maker Studio within the Creativity Commons. However, we do offer faculty consultations and specialized workshops for online and hybrid courses.

Do students or faculty need to have any prior experience or knowledge in the specific creative area prior to the field trip? 

No prior experience is necessary to participate in our Creative Field Trips. Our programs are designed to cater to beginners as well as students with varying levels of experience. Our creative consultants will provide introductory sessions and guidance to ensure everyone can participate and learn.

What materials or equipment are required for the Creative Field Trips? 

Required materials will depend on the specific needs of the course. All equipment will be provided within the Digital Maker Studios including computing and software needs. In some cases, students will need to request access to specific software or tools prior to the workshop. We strive to ensure our programs are accessible to all students and learners so we will work with your course to ensure all necessary materials and equipment are readily available. 

Can visiting guests or partner institutions book a Creative Field Trip? 

Please reach out to our team through the contact form. We would be delighted to discuss the available options, answer further questions and guide you through the process. Please do keep in mind that the primary audience for these experiences are ASU students and faculty so there may be limited availability.


Tech Hubs are located on all ASU campuses as well as available to learners on a global scale


University Center

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Creativity Common

First Floor

10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Academic Center Building

(CNTR) 150

Closed for Summer


Fletcher Library

First Floor

Closed from Summer

Assistance 24/7, 365 Days a Year

If you need technical assistance with your laptop or mobile device and prefer support over the phone, please contact the ASU Experience Center at 1-855-278-5080.