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Sync Studios provide a space where faculty can engage via Zoom and create the natural feeling of the classroom experience that is untethered from the lectern. These studios support the continued expansion of ASU Sync as faculty seek environments in which they can actively engage their students even while physically distanced. The benefits include opportunities to increase both student engagement in remote learning and the quality of instruction.

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Sync Studio equipment

Sync Studio adds features for seamless communication, such as:

  • 4 Samsung monitors (presenter, students, presentation)
  • AVer live-streaming camera that tracks the instructor and broadcasts to a “confidence monitor”
  • Genaray free-standing lighting kit
  • Surround sound bar
  • Standing desktop with a touchscreen computer and tablet pen.
  • One monitor shows a Zoom gallery of up to 50 participants 


Tempe Campus

     EDB L1-01A

     EDB L1-01B

Downtown Campus

     Arizona Center 330

Polytechnic Campus

     AAPAV 120A


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